Open Ended Toys

Open Ended Toys

What is an open ended toy?

Open ended toys can be used in a variety of ways. It does not require a specific type of play. But a child’s imagination can be sparked with an open-ended toy. 

Why are Open Ended Toys Better?

Open ended toys allow for your child to fully express their skills, creativity and imagination in play without being restricted by  pre-defined rules. They get to grow in confidence as they find a whole new world of play being opened up.
As they manipulate and play with the open ended toy, they develop fine motor skills, large motor skills, and cognitive skills.

What is Open ended play?

During playtime, open ended play gives your child endless possibilities.

Children are not given instructions, rules, or preset sequential guides.

There are no “right” answers or “right” ways to complete and finish the project / game.

Open Ended Toys by Totem Teepee

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