So you’re thinking of purchasing your very own Teepee? Welcome to Totem Teepee – the home of the original Happy Camper! We know it’ll bring many years of fun and joy and this is why:

 Our teepees are the biggest on the market here in South Africa. The poles are between 1,8 and 1,9 m tall and at 22mm diameter, they are strong and sturdily constructed. These solid pine dowels are also fitted with rubber ferrules(stoppers) which ensures your teepee stays put! The ferrules grip a variety of surfaces, including, tiles, carpets, solid wooden floors, laminate, screed and concrete. They also prevent damp from soaking into the wooden poles when you use your teepee outdoors. Every single Totem Teepee is made from five panels and five poles. The most loved feature is undeniably the window, which is the very first thing your tot will head to upon entering their teepee. Trust us on this!

 When fanned out to the maximum, our  teepees are about 1,8 m across, loads of space for a small gang, or a gangly teenager who wants to read a book in peace, or a great dane who is fortunate enough to have a teepee instead of a kennel (because kennels are so last season). To make the teepee smaller, sometimes necessary for small bedrooms, simply pull the poles up a little, and the teepee will shrink or expand as needed. Give it a try, it’s really really easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Every Totem Teepee play tent has been made with love and care, especially for kids – to enhance their learning-through-play experience! Totem Teepees are recommended by Occupational Therapists, in addition they are great places for fantasy play, quiet times, reading books, to take to the park; or to the beach to provide shade and a beacon for your child.

Each Totem Teepee made by us is a unique original, made with love and care and your childrens’ enjoyment in mind!

While our Totem Teepees are made sturdily and we use premium fabrics; they are not intended for rough play. It is recommended that children should not climb up the panels or jump through the window – your Totem Teepee cannot be guaranteed against damage if it is subjected to rough play. (As parents ourselves we do know this is absolutely normal behaviour for a child, so we suggest supervised play and guidelines to begin with!!)

Your Totem Teepee is already assembled when it arrives at your door – you do not have to do anything besides unwrapping it and fanning it out. And then the fun begins!

To set up your Totem Teepee: “stand” against the doorway panel, put your hands over and hold the other three poles and either “toss” them out or “plant” them individually, walking forward with the Totem Teepee as you go, keeping your body up against the front door panel. The poles should lock together without putting strain on any of the fabric at the top of the panels. The best way to rearrange the poles, is to pull the teepee upwards(as if you were collapsing it to close) and rearrange the poles while it is almost fully upright, then fan out to assemble. You will receive a complimentary leather riempie which is great to tie around the poles (not the fabric) and it helps keep the poles in position. The poles should lock together comfortably, which involves a little
rearranging, but once you ‘get it’ it’s easy. (we will do a video of this process as soon as we can!)

Have a look at our Facebook page for more pictures with instructions on how to assemble your Totem Teepee.

We consider a Totem Teepee to be an investment purchase… An investment in your child’s happiness, playtime, imagination building, and also their sense of security.

We want you to get your money’s worth out of your teepee, which should last long enough to be played with by your children’ children!


You can either open it up really wide, accommodating a number of children, or by pulling the poles closer, it can occupy a smaller floor space. In addition, by positioning two of the poles together you end up with a neat square footprint which is sometimes more suitable for a small bedroom. Totem Teepees are designed by a mom, especially for you, with versatility in mind. Nifty hey? We really do think of everything!

Our teepees are designed to be able to pack away and be transported quickly and easily.

Pop it behind the door or under a bed, just grab the poles together at the top and it collapses conveniently much like an umbrella.

 The name Totem Teepee comes from “tote ‘em” which is another way of saying “carry them” – and that’s exactly what you can do with your TT. Pop it in the car, even the smallest hatchback cars can fit numerous teepees!

 To put your Totem Teepee away so that it does not get crinkled: Lay the Totem Teepee on the floor, pick up the door and hold the bottom corners between your fingers. Then pick up each of the other panels at the bottom midpoint of the panel, holding each midpoint between your finger tips. The teepee can then be rolled up and secured with a heavy rubber band or strip of fabric. (video coming soon!)

If you want to wash the Totem Teepee the process is pretty simple.
As the part of the Totem Teepee that gets the most grubby is the hems and the front panel’s door, we have found a good result can be achieved by spot washing with a solution of washing powder liquid and cold water.

Mix up a solution with a good foam (As one would clean a dirt mark on a carpet) using a sponge, work the foam gently into the area needing cleaning. Ensure you do not rub too hard, and that the washing powder granules are well dissolved.

 Allow your Totem Teepee to dry while opened up so as to avoid damp and mould forming. When used in direct sunlight for an extended period please be aware the colours may fade. Totem Teepees are made up of a variety of fabrics so colour fastness cannot be guaranteed.

Have fun Happy Campers and please send us pics of you and your Totem Teepee and its travels and adventures!


For more information on what you can do with your Totem Teepee
and ways to get the best experience from your Totem Teepee please contact us at [email protected] or

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