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Deluxe Totem Teepee


Our Deluxe range – for those wanting something unique, and a little extra special, something they can have a hand in customizing. We generally don’t keep stock of these beauties, and are always game to try something new. So hit us up! In this gallery you’ll see a few that we’ve made to date, from rainbow raindrops, to beautiful white lace, to monochrome double layered/lined fronts… the possibilities are endless. To pick a “uniquely you” Deluxe Teepee please check out our CATALOGUE and make your selection there.

As with all our Totem Teepees, it’s already assembled, there are 5 panels, 22mm diameter solid pine poles, carefully chosen materials and every kid’s favourite feature: the window.

Size: 1,8 – 1,9 m tall

±1,8 m wide when splayed to it’s fullest

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